PCI Express Carrier Card APCe7012

The APCe7012 is a PCI Express Carrier Card for AcroPack® Modules used in embedded computing applications. It is a low profile PCIe carrier card and interfaces one AcroPack or mini-PCIe mezzanine module slot to PCIe bus on a PC Based Computer System.

Used in Defence, Manufacturing and Scientific Research applications

The Acromag APCe7012 is a PCI Express Carrier Card.

Firstly, the APCe7012 contains one module slot to interface AcroPack or mini PCIe modules to the PCIe bus on a PC-based computer system. Acromag I/O modules or third party mPCIe compliant modules are able to be used. AcroPack® product line is based on the Industry Pack I/O Module with a PCIe interface format. They are of a compact size, low cost with the same functionality and memory map of existing Industry Pack Modules.

Features of the APCe7012 PCI Express Carrier Card includes:

  • One AcroPack or mini-PCIe module slot
  • PCI Express compliant
  • Plug-and-play carrier configuration and interrupt support
  • Fused 1.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and -12V DC power is provided. A fuse is present on each supply line serving each AcroPack module.
  • Front panel 68-pin CHAMP 0.8mm connectors for field I/O signals
  • Optional isolated power supplies. Support for AcroPacks requiring ±12 Volt isolated power
  • Extended temperature range
  • DIP switch card identification
  • Standard 14-pin Xilinx JTAG programming header
  • Software development tools for VxWorks®, Linux®, and Windows® environments


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