Power Amplifier for Shakers RL-A1000

This Class-D Power amplifier is designed to work in the lab or production with electrodynamic shakers.  It has a nominal power output of 1200 VA.

It is very efficient, accurate and with a low THD output signal.  Plus light weight with compact casing.

The Rula-Tech RL-1000 is a power amplifier for shakers.  Firstly, it contains a smart protection system.  This monitors the main parameters of the shakers.  It prevents failures and equipment damage.  The amplifier automatically switches off at the output stage.  If there is any detection of overheating, overcurrent, short circuit or deviation from any parameters.

Secondly, the LCD on the device displays the main parameters.  Such as the output current and voltage, temperature and other information on the state of the system.


Specification of the Power Amplifier for Shakers RL-A1000



Sign to noise ratio>80 dB



Frequency rangeDC to 20,000 Hz
Output power1200 VA
Maximum Output Voltage (RMS)78 V
Maximum Output Current (RMS)18.5 A



Dimensions390 x 80 x 290 mm
Weight5.6 kg
Power Supply50/60 Hz 1 – N/PE 180-240V


Finally for more information on the RL-A1000 Power Amplifier for Shakers,  please contact us.

RL-A1000 Power Amplifier