Power Timer S6 PT-01

The Power Timer is designed to ensure the stable operation of the elements of the Telematic System at the moments of switching on/off the engine.

It provides continuous operation of the Telematics System in 24/7 mode when power supply from onboard network is switched off.

The Wagencontrol S6 PT-01 is a Power Timer for Telematics Systems and Sensors.

Firstly, the purpose of the Power timer is to provide power supply management of onboard equipment of the telematics system when the automotive power network is switched off. Also enable trouble free operation of the telematics system units during stopping and starting the engine.

Advantages of the Power Timer S6 PT-01 include:

  • Compliance with European Automotive Standards and directives
  • Continuous operation of Telematics System in 24/7 mode while power supply from onboard network is switched off
  • Efficient protection of telematics sensors against influence of conductive inference and short circuits in onboard electrical network of vehicle
  • Long term operation of telematics sensors while ignition is turned off and without needing to recharge the battery
  • Applicable for kinds of vehicles
  • Resettable fuse ensures automatic recover of power supply after electrical network failure
  • Easy installation and connection
  • No configuration needed


Secondly, the power timer controls the power supply of telematics system including onboard peripheral equipment from other manufacturers. It provides power supply management and electrical protection of online terminals, fuel flow meters, fuel flow sensors and axle load sensors. A report is generated for the user regarding fuel levels and loads on the vehicle axle every 30 minutes with ignition switched off.

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