Reference Calibration Accelerometer 3038A

Model 3038A is a back to back calibration accelerometer. It is designed to mount on a miniature dynamic shaker and is used to calibrate other accelerometer which are attached to its upper mounting surface.

Applications in which it is used include:

  • Back to back accelerometer calibration
  • Low g low frequency level measurements
  • NIST traceable calibration (when used with appropriate electrodynamic shaker power supply and control system)

The Dytran 3038A Model is a back to back calibration accelerometer.

Firstly, this model has 10 mV/g sensitivity and mounts to electrodynamic shaker head by 10-32 tapped hole.

Secondly, this model offers a convenient means of determining the sensitivity and frequency response characteristics of unknown acceleration velocity and displacement sensors. I use it with a electrodynamic shaker in control system can use this accelerometer to accomplish in house NIST traceable calibrations. Back to back comparisons with a double ended calibration standard accelerometer is also available. To form a complete system, the user needs to provide cables, power supply and electrodynamic shaker system. It should be used for low frequency, low g level measurements.

Other features include:

  • Titanium
  • Miniature
  • Back to Back Standard Accelerometer
  • IEPE


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Reference Calibration Accelerometer 3038A

3038A1.02 mV/m/s² sensitivity, 4905 m/s² range, 10–32 coaxial connector, 1/4–28 tapped hole at the top and a 10–32 tapped hole at the bottom, electrical connection with solder terminal, 35 grams,–51 to +93°C Operation


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3038A model