Remote Pump Monitoring and Control Systems SC300

Our Partner’s Remote Pump Monitoring and Control Solution is the most efficient on the market today. With Mesh Network and mobile access, the SC300 quickly provides real time information and enables complete control over pumps and other applications where remote control of downstream devices is required.

This system allows you to make well informed decisions, react to abnormalities and prevent and predict problems in your systems before they happen. Typical applications for this product include: Remote monitoring of Pumps, fuel and VFDs.

The LevelCon SC300 are Remote Pump Monitoring and Control Systems.

Firstly, it reads and writes to any Modbus Registers.  Giving it the power to remotely turn equipment on and off – providing full pump control.  Therefore, you can increase or decrease motor speed, monitor product flow rate and view live tank levels.

It has multi sensor capabilities and allows the query of data on demand.  It comes with a free Json API to a dedicated backend and a custom user web interface via iphone and Android mobile phones.

Finally, for more information, contact us.

Other specifications of Remote Pump Monitoring  and Control Systems SC300 include:

  • 1 x Analog Input and 1 x Digital Grounding Input – Alarm Capable
  • Intrinsically safe: Class 1 Div 1 Group D Certified
  • Multi Sensor RS485 Deployment / UART Modbus, I2C
  • Multi carrier SIM with Global Compatibility
  • GlobalStar or Iridium Satellite fall bac
  • Mesh Network – Mesh devices
  • GPS enabled for Mobile Asset Tracking
  • Integrated temperature and barometric pressure sensor
  • 24/7 access to data on LevelCon Cloud or local SCADA
  • 3 x AA battery with optional solar power assistance, 6-36 vdc powered up SC 300 pulling mode


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