Rugged Airborne 3U Server RS304FM

The 3U Rugged Server Model RS304FM is a high end computing performance server built in a 3U Chassis.  It has a compact size and can withstand extreme environments.  As a result, it’s used for Defence Airborne applications in a particular ISR applications from cameras on long range and medium altitude drones.

The Crystal Group Rugged Airborne 3U Server RS304FM is a high end computing performance server.  This server has been built into a 3U chassis.  This unit measures with a depth of 20” (50.8 cm).

Firstly, this product is for ISR absorption of camera data in long range, medium altitude drones.  As a result, it is suited for computing that requires networking, data manipulation and fast storage.

Secondly, it equipped with four 10 GbE ports.  This provides low latency video capture and processing.  An integrated elapsed time indicator monitors logistics and operational needs.  Whilst a patented DIMM retention method ensures reliable performance in unstable air and landing regimes.

Optional TPM and DAR features create high side security options just in case of unexpected interruptions in flight.  The RS394FM uses military circular connections for power and data.  It also includes a 50 ms power holdup capability required for airborne platform performance

Key Features of 3U Rugged Airborne Server RS304FM

  • Light weight aluminium construction 15.88-17.24 kgs.
  • Rugged 3U Rack mounted 20” depth
  • Up to 1 TB of DDR4 Memory
  • 3 x PCIe x16 Gen3 slots
  • Mounts easily on Delrin glides, fixed mount or Jonathan® rails
  • 12 x removeable 2.5” SATA, SAS or NVMe drive carriers
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • Up to 7 x PCIe expansion slots
  • MIL-CIRC panels


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