SIRIUS Waterproof

The SIRIUS Waterproof is an extremely rugged and fully isolated data acquisition system.  It can measure all types of analog signals in the most demanding and extreme environments.  The SIRIUS Waterproof has an IP67 rating.  It’s perfect for rugged environments and defence applications.

The SIRIUS Waterproof is an extremely rugged and fully isolated data acquisition system.  This system can test all types of analog signals in the most demanding and extreme environments thanks to its IP67 degree protection. This model is also waterproof, dust-proof, can withstand shocks up to 100G -40 to 60°C and contains Universal Analog Inputs.  As a result, it can test in extreme temperatures and accept a whole range of signals.  Some of these signals include:

  • voltage
  • full/half/quarter bridge signals
  • IEPE, charge
  • temperature
  • thermocouple
  • RTD
  • current resistance
  • LVDT, some with the use of DSI Adaptors

In addition to this, the Rugged DAQ system uses SIRIUS DAQ technology.  As a result, each slice can hold up to 8 universal 24-bit analog inputs.  Furthermore, these inputs come with DualCoreADC® technology.  As a result, they can reach 160 dB dynamic range and acquisition speeds of 200 kHz per channel.  Additionally, the 16 channel version with 24-bit universal analog inputs can achieve an acquisition rate of 200 kHz per channel.

The Sirius Waterproof is also configurable with counter/encoder and digital inputs.  To top things off, these inputs come with Dewesoft’s patented SuperCounter® technology.  Thus allowing users to attain the most precise measurement of frequency, RPM, and angle.

USB and EtherCAT interface

Slices also come equiped with a USB and EtherCAT interface.  As a result, users can use USB data connection to reach data speeds of up to 200 kHz per channel.  Additionally, in order to distribute units closer to the sensors and over a large area, users can also daisy-chain units together.  For example, a single EtherCAT cable can synchronise power and data for all units.  Furthermore, this cable also allows a distance of up to 100 meters (320 feet) between units.  Thus allowing users to spare money on sensor cabling and improve overall quality as a result.

Universal Analog Inputs

SIRIUS waterproof can have a variety of inputs.  For example, these inputs can include:

  • SIRIUSiwe-6xSTGM-2xSTGM+ with 8 isolated universal & strain analog channels and two counter channels.
  • SIRIUSiwe-6xLV-2xLV+ with 8 isolated universal analog channels and two counter channels.
  • SIRIUSwe-HD-16xSTGS with 16 differential universal strain analog channels.

All universal analog inputs can be extended with Dewesoft’s smart Sensor Interface adapters (DSI).  These adaptors can transform any analog input into direct IEPE, Charge, Thermocouple, LVDT, RTD, or current input. Furthermore, inputs also have advanced TEDS sensor functionality.  Therefore allowing for automatic sensor detection and plug-and-play configuration as a result.

Expandable and Compatible

Multiple SIRIUS waterproof data acquisition are stackable.  They can also synchronise to expand the channel count.  In addition to this,  SIRIUS waterproof is also compatible and can be extended with Dewesoft’s ultra-rugged KRYPTON DAQ modules or standard SIRIUS DAQ slices in the same EtherCAT measurement line.  Finally, working with multiple units is as simple.  This is because the data acquisition software can recognise the available channels easily and quickly.  Therefore making set-up a breeze.

Ultra Rugged Data Logger?

SBOX waterproof works hand in hand with SIRIUS waterproof DAQ system. It adds powerful and reliable SSD data storage and real-time data processing capabilities.  It also has an IP67 degree of protection.

Features of the SIRIUS Waterproof Data Acquisition System

  • IP67 Degree of Protection: SIRIUS waterproof is designed for testing in extremely harsh environments. The unit is waterproof, dust-proof, and can withstand shocks up to 100G.
  • -40 to 60 °C: Can test in extreme temperatures.
  • Universal Analog Inputs: Its universal analog amplifiers can accept voltage and full/half/quarter bridge signals.  It also accepts IEPE, charge, thermocouples, RTD, current, resistance, and LVDT signals with the use of DSI adapters.
  • 160 dB Dynamic Range: all analog inputs boost dual 24-bit delta-sigma with an anti-aliasing filter.  They achieve an astonishing 160 dB dynamic range in time and frequency domain with 200 kHz sampling rate per channel.
  • High Isolation:  High channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation.  This prevents damage to the systems from excessive voltage and avoids ground loops.
  • Digital/ Counter/Encoder Inputs: Each channel is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle. Precise frequency and angle measurement use patented SuperCounter® technology.
  • Sensor Power Supply: Each channel provides power for sensor excitation.
  • Fully Synchronised: Each channel, either analog, digital, or CAN is synchronised with microsecond accuracy.
  • Software Included With A Free Lifetime Upgrades: Easy to use, yet very robust in functionality, award-winning DewesoftX software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs, bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage, and analysis capabilities.

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