Vibration Controller RL-C21M

This Vibration Control System is for electrodynamic shakers.  It provides vibration control and data acquisition system for the shaker in one unit.

Featuring 8 input channels, direct control of power amplifiers and climatic chambers.  As well as support for voltage and temperature measurements.

The Rula-Tech RL-C21M is a Vibration controller and the next model up from RL-C21.  Firstly, this product has adaptable architecture.  The 8 input channels can be scaled up to 64 channel inputs and 16 channel outputs.

Secondly, this system allows for direct power amplifier control and combined climate and vibration tests. The controller records and visualises temperature related data automatically.

Use the vibration software packages VISProbe SL & VisAnalyser for all your analysis.


Features of the Vibration Controller RL-C21M include:

  • Extended Frequency Range DC / 80,000 Hz
  • Extended Voltage measurement range up to 40 V
  • DC current and voltage measurement
  • Thermistor and Thermocouple Connection


Specifications of the Vibration Controller


Input Channels 1 to 64
Sensor Type IEPE, linear, charge, TEDS, displacement, velocity, force, temperature
Voltage ±10 to ±40 V
Dynamic Range 120 dB
Digital Inputs 8



Output Channels 1 to 16
Number of Digital Outputs 8



Frequency Range DC to 80000 Hz
DAC/ADC Resolution 24 bits
Temperature Range 10 to 40°C
Dimensions 395 x280 x 55mm
Weight 2.7 Kg
Power supply 110/240 VAC
Sample Rate Up to 216 kHz


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About Rula-Tech

Rula-Tech’s head quarters are located in Latvia.  They are an innovative manufacturer of test and measurement instruments.  Especially, the advanced hardware and easy to use software featured in the Vibration Controllers and Data Acquisition Systems used with ElectroDynamic Shakers.

rl-c21m vibration controller