Remote Asset Monitoring and Tracking Solution

STARPIN Remote Asset Monitoring and Tracking Solution

Do you need a Remote Asset Monitoring and Tracking Solution?  Do you have an asset such as agriculture machinery or tanker truck that regularly moves around and you want to track it whilst still monitoring the contents?  Have I told you about the STARPIN?  It is a solar powered remote telemetry monitor that allows you to connect a variety of different sensors based on what you want to monitor and track the item via GPS.

The STARPIN – The Perfect Remote Asset Monitoring and Tracking Solution

The STARPIN is tiny.  It fits into the palm of your hand.  It has a magnetic base for easy installation.  Along with screw points for a more secure or permanent attachment.  Plus, it is solar powered with a super capacitor – meaning no batteries and no maintenance.  If your equipment doesn’t regularly see sun, it can be connected to an optional power source through the USB on the side of the device.

Firstly, the STARPIN is the perfect remote asset monitoring and tracking solution.  It has GPS and LTE Wireless Connectivity. As well has being classified Class 1 Division 1 intrinsically safe device for hazardous areas.  It is capable of writing both CAT-M1 and NB-IOT Mobile Networks.

Secondly, it offers data input flexibility.  It easily adapts to both analog (4-20ma) and digital sensors (0-5V).  Install sensors based on what you want to monitor.  Items such as radar, pressure, sonic or lidar.  Then real time data such as inventory levels, pressure, temperature, humidity and more becomes available on the LevelCon Web Portal and app.

The Modbus interface allow integration with industry hardware.  Such as PLCs, Level Sensors, and Flow Meters whilst also allowing remote control and automation.  The integrated gyroscope can layer motion detection and track your asset and set alerts with the main data stream.

Also integrated Mesh Network long range support allows wireless aggregation of sensor data.  The LevelCon Mobile app works with Mesh Network communication and allows users to view data, force reports and set device configurations without ever climbing on a tank or entering a hazardous area.

The STARPIN is truly a remarkable device. It provides measurements on fuel, water, lubricants, gases, chemicals, gases, and solids.