6U VPX Carrier Cards with Dual XMC Modules

6U VPX Carrier Cards with Dual XMC Modules

Acromag have expanded their OpenVPX™ carrier card selection with two new 6U VPX Carrier Cards with Dual XMC Modules.  These two new models offer a simple solution of interfacing XMC modules to a VPX computer system.

Whilst providing a wide variety of signal processing and computing options for high performance Aerospace, Defence, Scientific Research, and Industrial system applications requiring high speed I/O.

Firstly, these new VPX carriers route power and bus signals into two plug in XMC Mezzanine Modules with a 16-lane Gen 3 PCIe interface.  This allows a range of FPGA, GPU, I/O and CPU combinations.

Secondly, the VPX4840 and VPX4850 contain two XMC slots with support for front or rear panel I/O.  Available with VITA 42, VITA 61 or VITA 88 connectors.  These connectors are used to route power and interface signals to the plug-in mezzanine modules.

There is a choice of direct PCIe connection to the VPX backplane via the data or expansion plane.

Thirdly, the XMC sites have a 16-lane PCIe bus Gen3 interface allowing rapid data throughput.  This means by having XMC mezzanine modules on the carrier (including XMC processor modules) that developers can access hundreds of function modules currently unavailable on a VPX platform.

Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager says, “With two XMC sites, systems integrators can combine FPGA, GPU, I/O avionics, communication and even prXMC modules to create custom computing boards in a single slot”.

The main difference between the 6U VPX Carrier Cards with Dual XMC Modules – Model VPX4840 and VPX4850 are:

The VPX4840 supports the JN6 differential signals and legacy I/O from JN4.  Where VPX4850 supports full JN6 rear I/O.

Check out the video below –