Rugged Electronic Engineering Podcasts

Rugged Electronics Engineering Podcasts

Interesting, Rugged Electronic Engineering Podcasts are hard to come across.  However, the Crystal Group has changed all that!  With the release of  their “Rugged Advantage Podcast”.  This is where they delve into relevant and current rugged electronic engineering topics in today’s changing world.  Firstly, here are the first five of the Crystal Group’s Engineering Podcasts.  If you enjoy these and want to be notified when they drop – simply click this link and subscribe. And remember if you are in Australia or New Zealand and want more information on the Crystal Group range, then contact us.

Crystal Group Rugged Advantage Podcast LogoDelivering Trusted Security


Crystal Group’s recent NIAP Common Criteria certification of its rugged firewall firstly means customers gain achievable, repeatable and testable security requirements.


Crystal Group Rugged Advantage Podcast LogoExtreme Networking at the Edge


Highlighting the RCS7850-32Q, Crystal Group’s newest rugged switch featuring up to 32 ports of 100 Gb bandwidth.


Crystal Group Rugged Advantage Podcast LogoTaking the uncertainty out of Cybersecurity


Removing barriers to accreditation with integrated solutions that provide maximum protection, both inside and out.

Crystal Group Rugged Advantage Podcast LogoRugged that works


Firstly, reinforcing a clear definition of what it means for computer hardware to be rugged.  Secondly, and why it’s critically important.


Crystal Group Rugged Advantage Podcast LogoOur Biggest Challenge


A Suppliers’ role in supporting the DoD.  In addition, managing the strategic challenges in our current, unprecedented environment.


About Crystal Group, Inc.

Firstly, the Crystal Group, Inc., a technology leader in rugged computer hardware.  They specialise in the design and manufacture of custom and commercial rugged serversembedded computing, networking devices, displays, and data storage for high reliability in harsh environments. In addition, they are an employee-owned small business founded in 1987.  Whereby, they provide Defence, Government and Industrial markets with in-house customisation, engineering, integration, configuration management, product life-cycle planning, warranty, and support services.

Secondly, Crystal Group products meet or exceed IEEE, IEC, and military standards.  For example MIL-STD-810, 167-1, 461, and MIL-S-901.  Also they are backed by an industry-leading, 5-plus-year warranty with in-house support.  Plus equipment is manufactured in the company’s Hiawatha, Iowa, USA, facility. In addition, they are certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D quality management standards.

Finally, Metromatics proudly sell, service and support the full Crystal Group range of products to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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