Minimise costs, transmitting data over mobile networks

transmitting data over the mobile network using Ethernet I/O

This application note was provided by our valued supplier Acromag.

Defining the Problem

Acromag has a peer-to-peer technology called i2o. It allows 2 or more modules to talk to each other transmitting data and no network master or special software is required. I2o operates over Ethernet media; Cat 5 or 6 copper, Fibre Optics, Radios or via Mobile. When operating over a mobile network, it is important to minimise the connection time and amount of data since mobile service providers charge by the amount of data being transmitted.

System Requirements

For example the application below shows an XT1211-000 module with 8 differential current inputs.  In addition, it is sampling a 4-20mA signal from a field transmitter and sending the data using i2o to an XT1531-000 with 4 current outputs. The mobile modems at each end are transparent to the Acromag I/O and transmit the data over the network.

Implementing the Solution

Firstly, on the i2o mapping page, the XT1211 input module is configured for each input channel. In addition, a target IP Address and a Modbus Register (output channel) is selected.

Three important features in the XT  modules that allow i2o to be utilised over mobile networks to reduce costs.

  1. Update the time
  2. This can be any setting from 5 to 65,535 seconds
  3. This periodic transmission can update the output status based on the input to output scaling
  4. The XT Modules keep target sockets open
  5. If they aren’t kept open, then during the i2o messaging a socket is opened, data exchanged and the socket closes
  6. Percentage Change
  7. This is the difference.  When an I2o message was sent.
  8. If the input changes by the percentage change threshold or greater, an i2o message will be sent immediately.

XT1211-000: 8-channel differential analogue current input module
XT1531-000: 4-channel analogue current output, 4-channel digital I/O module, Modbus/TCP and i2o protocol.

Why Acromag:
In conclusion, Acromag provide decades of reliable service and proven technologies for general purpose to critical automation and process control applications.  With Acromag’s Busworks XT products, a versatile family supports a variety of network protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and peer-to-peer i2o.  Metromatics have been proudly selling and locally supporting Acromag to Australian and New Zealand customers for over 10 years.

Finally, for further information or pricing, contact us.

The advantages of using this technology include:

A Game-Changing Approach to Connectivity

Firstly, in the fast-paced world of data interactions, downtime and inefficiencies can be costly. Acromag’s peer-to-peer technology takes centre stage.  Therefore, removing the dependency on centralised servers and empowering direct communication between industrial devices. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and welcome real-time data exchange that propels your business forward.

The Versatility of Mobile Modbus Transmitters

Secondly, introducing the Modbus transmitters – the workhorses of data transfer. These reliable emissaries translate data into a universal language.  Therefore, bridging the gap between diverse industrial devices. What’s more, with their ability to operate over mobile networks, they unlock opportunities for remote access and monitoring, empowering businesses with flexibility like never before.

Productivity Unleashed – Beyond Factory Walls

In the world of industrial automation, the race for productivity is never-ending. With Acromag’s technology and mobile Modbus transmitters, devices collaborate in harmony, exchanging insights across borders and time zones. Harness the power of real-time data from remote sites, monitor performance, and respond proactively to emerging opportunities.

Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

In a realm where business needs evolve rapidly, flexibility is a key asset. Acromag’s peer-to-peer technology offers the freedom to expand your network without overburdening your infrastructure. Scale up or down with ease.  Embrace efficiency that suits your business ambitions without breaking the bank.