Are your VPX Modules & backplanes are compatible?

VPX Modules

Our valued supplier Acromag has recently released a white paper on: How to tell if your VPX Modules and Backplanes are compatible.

Other topics of interest include:  Vita 46, 48 & 65: The next generation VME System Replacement

Other sub-topics are:
  • What is VPX?
  • Do I need to know about VITA 46.0?
  • What are the dot standards I keep hearing about?
  • What is VPX REDI?
  • How can all these different possible backplane, cooling, and serial protocols be compatible with each other?
  • Open VPX?
  • Open VPX Pipe?
  • What is an Open VPX Plane?
  • VITA 65.0 completely characterizes a VPX system within the scope of 4 types of profiles; Backplane, chassis, module and slot.
  • How can I tell if my VPX Modules & backplanes are compatible?

If any of these areas are of interest to you, click here to download and read this educational White Paper.

Or contact us for further information.