Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cells Video

Watch FUTEK’s LCM300 Miniature threaded in line load cells video!

FUTEK’s LCM300 Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cell is built for endurance, press, or in-line applications. This  load cell offers an exceptional miniature design and mounting clearance with a body height of 12.7 mm and an outer diameter of  24.9 mm.

It measures forces from 50 lb (223 N) to 1000 lb (4448 N). The LCM300 Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cell offers high accuracy and high stiffness. It has a nonlinearity of ± 0.25% of rated output and deflection of 0.03 mm nominal. This load cell also has a safe overload of 150% of rated output. The standard LCM300 can be modified or customised to meet your requirements and most models are in FUTEK’s inventory making them available for next day shipping from the USA.

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