Wireless 3 Phase Electricity Monitoring

Wireless 3 Phase Electricity Monitoring System

Wireless 3 Phase Electricity Monitoring is Industrial IoT for Demand Response – Real time communications for assets on the electric Grid

Demand response, or automated demand response (ADR) involves utility companies responding to increased demand on the electricity distribution grid by requesting that consumers reduce load, as opposed to the traditional approach of engaging additional power stations to increase supply.

This can be more cost effective for the utility, more environmentally friendly, and an advantage to the consumer because they are typically paid for making this capacity available, in the same way a traditional power station would be.

EpiSensor‘s ZEM-61, is a highly accurate Wireless 3 Phase Electricity Monitoring system. It can monitor energy consumption patterns in equipment and buildings remotely via EpiSensor’s NGR-30-3 Gateway. This provides facility and energy managers with targeted energy consumption information essential for increasing efficiency and reducing overall power consumption.

The ZEM-61 can be configured with a range of CTs and Rogowski coil options to measure currents from 0.1A to 3kA per phase.. 

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Demand response are the potential to revolutionise electricity distribution by adding an intelligent link between the supply side (electricity generation) and the demand side (electricity consumption). This can dramatically reduce the environmental impact associated with electricity generation, making it possible for greater adoption of renewable energy sources which are naturally intermittent.

Key Product Features of

  • Deploy quickly, easily and at low cost
  • 3G/4G communications for data back-haul
  • Monitor and control a wide range of assets (0.1kW to 100MW)
  • Run multiple programs on the same infrastructure (DR, FFR, etc.)
  • Best-in-class accuracy and reliability
  • Monitor pulse or analogue or Modbus outputs from meters, SCADA and BMS
  • Interrupt-based data export for immediate notification of load shedding
  • Full bi-directional control to remote sites using latest IoT platforms and technologies
  • Enterprise class security from sensor to server
  • Scale to thousands of sites easily

EpiSensor systems provide electrical data and remote control capability to power some of the world’s leading demand response solutions.

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