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Customer Collaboration on VPX3U-Switch

Customer Collaboration is a huge motivation, here at Metromatics.  Our focus is to establish an in depth working relationship with our customers that will allow us to ascertain their requirements and to provide best solution possible whilst providing local through life support for the products and systems provided.

However, we love it even more when the Companies that we represent share this same belief and goal.  WOLF Advanced Technologies is one of these Companies.

In the video below, one of the Design Engineers from WOLF describes how the initial enquiry on a particular product led to customer collaboration between WOLF Engineers and Herrick Technology Labs.    Gaining an understanding of their customer’s requirements early on in the project, WOLF was able to design the SOSA™ Aligned VPX3U-RTX5000-SWITCH for this particular Defence Project which saved two slots in the chassis, minimised the overall power and reduced the weight of the product.  This enabled their customer to reach their goal of attaining 100 TFLOPS of performance in a single  3U VPX Chassis.

Finally, Metromatics and WOLF would love to work with you on your next Defence Project, contact us to learn more.

About WOLF

Wolf Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures military-rugged modules for video capture, process, encode, display and AI inference. Eight out of the ten largest military and aerospace companies use WOLF products, in addition to commercial rocket companies and NASA. WOLF solutions operate in harsh aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any processing power. WOLF’s products include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature tailored MCOTS solutions, and full custom designs. Finally, WOLF supports a variety of board configurations, including 3U and 6U VPX, XMC and MXC/MXM.

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