WOLF Advanced Technology receives Platinum Award

Platinum Award Win for WOLF 3U VPX SBC

Metromatics would like offer our congratulations to our Partner WOLF Advanced Technology for their recent 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Platinum Award win for their VPX3U-XAVIER-SBC product.  An independent panel of judges from the Aerospace and Defence Industries selected this innovative 3U VPX product as it had the most impact with the Aerospace and the Defence Communities this year.

The VPX3U-XAVIER-SBC module features an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier APU and a WOLF FGX in a rugged 3U VPX module. Designed for military and aerospace applications that require artificial intelligence, autonomy, video processing, and low power. Available video outputs include DisplayPort, SDI, and CVBS.

The VPX3U-XAVIER-SBC is available for conduction-cooled or air-cooled systems, and with SOSATM aligned, OpenVPX, and custom slot profiles.

Update Notice: Product Retirement and Replacement

Note: The Wolf VPX3U-Xavier-SBC has been retired and replaced with newer, more advanced technology. For the latest in high-performance GPGPU video graphics modules, please check out our new offerings, such as the VPX3U-A4500E-CX7 and the VPX3U-AD5000E-CX7, which feature NVIDIA Ampere and Ada architectures respectively. These new models provide enhanced performance, power efficiency, and advanced AI capabilities.

If you would like to know more about the WOLF 3U VPX Technology in Australia or New Zealand, contact us.

About WOLF

Wolf Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures military-rugged modules for video capture, process, encode, display and AI inference. Eight out of the ten largest military and aerospace companies, use WOLF products, in addition to commercial rocket companies and NASA. WOLF solutions operate in harsh aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any processing power. WOLF’s products include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature tailored MCOTS solutions, and full custom designs. Finally, WOLF supports a variety of board configurations, including 3U and 6U VPX, XMC and MXC/MXM.

Metromatics proudly offers local customer sales, technical support and service for the WOLF Product range in Australia and New Zealand.

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