Rugged 3U Server, a solution to Electrical Substations

3U Rugged Servers
Crystal Group’s 3U Rugged Server offers electrical substations high performance processing, storage and networking in a compact footprint! 

Crystal Group ES373S17 3U Rugged Server combines robust data-handling capabilities and military-grade durability to modernise power substations in remote, extreme environments.

There is a growing demand within the industry for the modernisation and streamlining of  power generation and distributions substations.  Crystal Group’s ES373S17 answers that demand quickly and painlessly.  By boosting efficiency and security, reducing costs, minimising downtime and meeting current and future requirements.

A true server-class powerhouse in a compact footprint, the ES373S17 3U Rugged Server converges key data-handling capabilities that include – high performance processing, storage, and networking all in a single rugged, reliable server which is designed to bring military-grade reliability and durability to power substations everywhere, even in the harshest of environments.

3U Rugged Servers

The 3U Rugged Server Solution

This Rugged server replaces multiple aging devices with a single compact solution. Thus, reducing the size, weight, power, and cooling overhead, as well as streamlining maintenance.  It is fully customisable providing customers a more modern reliable and capable system .

The  3U Rugged server is modular and scalable therefore able to support evolving requirements and technologies  over a long operational life. It’s  versatile and completely configurable.  With four drive bays, 3 PCI express (PCIe) slots, and support for up to1TB of memory and flexible I/O.  Most importantly, storage and networking can be conducted easily. Thereby, accommodating any future upgrades and  expansion required.

Crystal Group engineers tap decades of experience developing field-tested, combat-proven rugged hardware that meets or exceeds strict industry standards to craft the ES373 3U Rugged Server designed specifically for critical power infrastructure applications. Firstly, the components are stabilised in a rugged aluminium enclosure.  Along with advanced thermal management.  This is to boost system reliability, availability, and survivability in the face of challenging conditions and extreme environments.  Such as shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity. Plus even more at the most remote power substations – where consumer grade systems may fail!

Finally, Crystal Group’s ES373S17 leverages the latest, industry-leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies with partners  Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, VMware virtualisation software, and DC Systems’ human-machine interfaces (HMI).

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