Backup generator fuel or gas monitoring systems

Tank Level Monitoring system

US based company Micro-Design’s brand LevelCon has been manufacturing backup generator fuel or gas monitoring systems for over 25 years.

Backup generator fuel, diesel, or gas monitoring systems on Mobile, Radio and Cable Tower Case Study

Data reliability is critical.  Therefore, it essential that mobile, radio and cable towers remain online and operational.

In America, every tower installed requires a backup generator.  Which means that every generator requires fuel.  The Federal Communications Commission (known as the FCC) requires a device to monitor diesel or LPG levels.  Making sure there is enough fuel available to power up the backup generators should electrical power be disrupted.

Firstly, the FCC specifies the LevelCon model STM94442A in its build requirements.  The STM94442A is a tank level monitoring system.  It is currently installed at over 100,000 sites throughout the USA.

Although, the technology may be over 25 years old, it was always ahead of its time. It has proven to be extremely reliable for the purpose.  The tank level monitoring system has a built in LCD.  Along with two analog inputs for the Rochester R3D propane gauge.  As well as two analog outputs and triggering relays for high and low fuel level warnings.  Additionally, it includes a RS232 port for serial communication, 48V power and 4-20mA converters.

Finally, it provides information relating to overfill protection, tank levels or if there is a leak. As well as being easy to install and interface to RTU’s and PLC’s.  It provides a quick ROI on a low capital investment.

Other features of the Backup generator fuel or gas monitoring systems include:

  • Monitor two tanks with one unit
  • Along with the first channel sensor included
  • Easy installation requiring no special skill set
  • Field programmable for high and low set points
  • Junior and Senior Gauge sensor for LPG Tanks
  • Float Gauges work with Fuel, Oil and Ammonia Tanks
  • Plus, much more

About Micro-Design and the other LevelCon Products

LevelCon specialise in remote asset monitoring with a slogan of “No Tank Left Behind”.  They have over 40 years’ experience in remote tank monitoring.  LevelCon have the right monitor and sensor for any application.  Therefore, allowing them to monitor the levels of the following types products stored in tanks.

  • Fuels:  Petrol, Diesel, DEF, Methanol and Bio-Fuels
  • Lubes: Motor Oils, Antifreeze, Hydraulic, Cutting Oil and Grease
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers: Corrosive & Non-Corrosive
  • Liquid Gases: Propane, Hydrogen, Anhydrous, LNG

Products consist of

  • Mesh Network operated, battery powered StarPin for remote tank monitoring
  • Wireless F100M for remote tank monitoring
  • STM94442A Stationary Tank Level Monitoring System
  • LevelCon Remote Monitoring Software Platform
  • And much more.

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