Dependable Value with Isolated Transmitters & Signal Splitters

Single Channel Isolated Transmitters & Signal Splitters TT Series

Get real value for money with the Acromag Signal Conditioners.  They are ideal for single or hundreds of I/O points.  These isolated transmitters and signal splitters meet or exceed their published specification.  Plus, you receive superior before and after sales service from both Acromag and their Australian Distributor, Metromatics.

For easy configuration, install USB with Windows® Software or the Agility App™ for Android.  This will allow you to setup, configure, calibrate and monitor input signals for field diagnostics with these transmitters and splitters.  Have you up and running in no time.

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Signal Channel Transmitters and Isolators: TT series

Dual Channel Transmitters: DT series

Signal Splitters with Isolated Outputs: SP series

The TT Series are thin 2-wire or 4-wire signal transmitters and isolators.  They have a wide variety of input, output, and power configurations. As a result they offer broad flexibility.


Dual-channel transmitters or the DT Series offer a cost-effective, space-saving solution with two channels. Enabling these modules to interface to a variety of process and sensor signals to your control system.


The SP Series are isolated signal splitters with precise I/O scalability of input sensor/signals and dual outputs. Both two-wire and four-wire versions have removable terminal blocks for easy installation.


Single Channel Isolators and Splitters TT SeriesDual Channel Isolator and Splitter DP SeriesIsolators and Splitters SP Series





TT Series Isolator and Splitter DrawingDT Series Isolator and Splitter DrawingSP Series Isolator and Splitter Drawing
Thin 2-Wire & 4-Wire Transmitters:Dual Channel Transmitters:Software Configured Signal Splitters:
Delivering flexibility, while maintaining optimal performance.

This high-performance line of thin transmitters and isolators offers great flexibility. Easy to configure via USB with Windows software or the Agility App for Android. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of input, output, and power configurations.

Reduced costs coupled with saved space for signal isolation and conversion.

Dual channel transmitters offer two independent signal conditioning channels in a 17.5mm-wide module mean significant savings compared to using multiple single-channel transmitter units.

Loop-powered signal splitter and signal duplicator models control two proportional 4-20mA outputs from one current, voltage, or temperature input signal. Also programmable via USB using Windows or the Agility app for Android devices.

DC-powered signal splitters provide two isolated outputs proportional to a single input. Offers a variety of process control signal formats (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, ±5V, or ±10V).