DewesoftX 2022.2 Software Update Released

DewesoftX 2022.2 Software Update to Power module

Dewesoft has released the DewesoftX 2022.2 Software Update.  Firstly, the new DirectX Graphical engine will bring a powerful punch to your measurement graphics.  With the ability to increase the line thickness on the graphic widgets – makes viewing what’s going on much easier.  You also can enable transparency on the XY recorder and all 3D accelerated controls.

Secondly, the GPU on the power module has gone through serious transformation.  Dewesoft has improved the memory footprint of the GPU calculations at high sampling rates.  This means the power module runs at the same 15 MS/s sampling speeds as the SIRIUS-XHS device.  The flicker algorithm reworked. Now calculating at faster speeds with flicker emissions and additional debug channels.   This was done working with International Wind Turbine Certifiers and the process has been validated  and complies with international standards.

The software version is also packed with diverse UI-helpers, from Text-box and Legend widgets.  Another feature is an adjustable status toolbar with numerous brand-new statuses to the eagerly-awaited improvements of the offline setup configuration. The AUTOSAR arxml 4.3 communication architecture is supported in CAN and FlexRay buses, keeping Dewesoft’s automotive products up-to-date with the latest technologies.

DewesoftX 2022.2 Software Features update includes:

  • Directx Graphical Engine
  • GPU Accelerated Power Module
  • Automatic Creation of Simulated/offline Channels
  • New Text-box and Legend Widgets
  • ARXML Import in CAN and FlexRay
  • As well as Customisable Status Toolbar
  • Data Analysis During Acquisition
  • And others

Finally, as you know and like always – the DewesoftX 2022.2 is a FREE update for all Dewesoft users.  You download the latest version from their website.  To learn more contact us.