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EtherCAT Repeater EtherCAT Accessories for Dewesoft Instruments

Elevate Your Measurement Efficiency with Dewesoft’s EtherCAT Accessories for Dewesoft Instruments

In the realm of measurement and data acquisition, the tools you employ can significantly influence the quality and accuracy of the results. Dewesoft’s EtherCAT measurement instruments have carved a niche for themselves.  Firstly, due to their top-notch performance. To augment their functionality and optimise data collection, a myriad of EtherCAT accessories are available. Ranging from connectivity instruments, adaptors, mounts, to storage boxes, these accessories are designed to make your data collection process seamless and more efficient.

EtherCAT Connectivity Instruments

When it comes to distributing Dewesoft’s EtherCAT measurement instruments optimally in a field or test lab, the DS-HUBe7 and the ECAT Repeater come in incredibly handy.


EtherCAT Accessories DS-HUB

The DS-HUBe7 employs the Beckhoff CU1128 EtherCAT junction.  Therefore, facilitating the connection of up to 7 EtherCAT devices in a star topology. This hub, shares the same form factor as the SIRIUS modular line of DAQ systems.  Making it instrumental in ensuring streamlined connectivity. It boasts eight standard 8-pin LEMO connectors on the front panel.  Where the first connector is for EtherCAT input (IN), and the remaining seven are for EtherCAT output (OUT). Besides, these OUT connectors also distribute power, enabling the use of standard EtherCAT cables for connecting Dewesoft’s Instruments EtherCAT devices.

ECAT Repeater:

EtherCAT Repeater EtherCAT Accessories for Dewesoft Instruments

The ECAT Repeater is essentially a lifeline.  As it extends the distance between two EtherCAT devices beyond the standard 50 metre limitation imposed by the EtherCAT hybrid cables. By acting as a signal amplifier, this repeater guarantees stable data transmission across distances exceeding 50 meters. Given its rugged design with an IP67 rating, it finds extensive applications. Such as railway monitoring where measurement devices are distributed along a chain of railroad cars.

Adaptors – EtherCAT Accessories for Dewesoft Instruments

ECat Adaptors

The adaptor range, including the 2xD37m-8xRJ45f and 2xD37m-8xRJ45f-QB-CAT-m, is mainly crafted to connect strain gauge sensors equipped with an RJ45 connector. Using RJ45 connectors accelerates the installation process of high channel strain measurements.


This breakout adaptor permits full functionality of the host amplifier with two times D-SUB37 front connectors. It’s compatible with IOLITEr-8xSTGS-D37 or IOLITEr-8xLVe-D37 modules when used with the IOLITE-R8r chassis.


Specially designed for quarter bridges, this adapter features a mirrored design.  In addition, it allows for sensor rewiring in case of any damage to the RJ45 connector. It is compatible with the IOLITEr-8xSTGS-D37 module and the IOLITE-R8r chassis.

The D37m-4xD9f and D37m-4xD9f-TEDS adapters further simplify the calibration process of certain IOLITE modules.  Therefore, providing an easy connection with existing D-SUB9 cables.

Mounts and Storage Boxes


Mounting Kit for EtherCAT Dewesoft Instruments

An aluminium mounting plate, the DS-MOUNT-K1, enables mounting of the KRYPTON one product atop the Dewesoft SIRIUS data acquisition systems. Its click mechanism is compatible with various SIRIUS chassis.  Therefore, making it a versatile mounting solution.


The DS-BOX-IOLITEr-32 serves as an anti-static container for storing up to 32 IOLITEr modules. In addition, this storage box is ideal when IOLITEr slices are frequently interchanged between different departments.  Therefore, providing the perfect common storage area.


Cable selections like the D9f-2D9m-1.2m-CAN-DUAL-D are pivotal for connecting dual CAN or two single CAN ports on OBSIDIAN-R8 devices. With the recent software update supporting the secondary CAN bus on OBSIDIAN, this cable simplifies access to both buses. Additionally, new cables have been introduced for daisy-chaining the power supply among IOLITE multichannel distributable modules, enhancing the grounding, measurement quality, and safety.

In wrapping up, the range of EtherCAT accessories compatible with Dewesoft’s measurement instruments is expansive, designed to meet diverse connectivity, adaptation, and storage needs. Finally, investing in these accessories is a step towards better data acquisition, increased measurement accuracy, and overall enhanced operational efficiency in your testing or field environments.

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