Fluid Flow Rate Measurement

Fluid Flow Measurement using Futek Load Cell

Futek LSB Miniature S-Beam Jr Load Cell Application – Fluid Flow Rate Measurement

Fluid Flow Rate Measurement in food production, blood infusions, catheterisation, and chemical compounding requires sanitary and sterile processes. Non-contact measurement solutions such as using an occlusion provides one type of flow measurement solution. Additionally, this technique allows for bubble and blockage detection. To measure the force exerted by the fluid on the occlusion, a Futek LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. load cell is incorporated into the clamping mechanism.

As depicted in the conceptual design an artificial restriction (occlusion) is placed at the desired point using a clamp, one end of the clamp has FUTEK’s LSB200 mounted between the clamp and the mount point.  By creating an artificial flow restriction (an occlusion), the fluid exerts an increased force onto the tubing. The LSB200 measures the force applied.  Fluid occlusion correlates to fluid flow rate.

 The LSB200 was chosen because it provides a high accuracy and linearity force measurement with significant overload protection. Using FUTEK’s IAA and IDA100  will amplify and transmit the load cell signal to the system PLC for flow measurement. Additionally, the IDA100 will enable the logging and monitoring of the load cell output via a PC with FUTEK’s SENSIT software.

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