Wireless Sensors for Storage Security

Wireless Sensors for Storage Security - Cartoon Image Warehouses

Wireless Sensors for Storage Security can solve the problem.

Holiday success depends on off-site storage for a range of businesses; such as retailers, manufacturers and supply chain management firms.  From November through to late January, these companies run at full capacity to fulfill Black Friday and Stocktake Sale Promises.  However, they rely on leased storage spaces to do it.

Although, it can mean that inventory is left to chance.

Is the leased building’s Air Conditioning System up to a December swelter? Can profits—and reputation—be trusted to the leasing firm’s equipment?

Costing a fraction of what lost inventory would.  Monnit Wireless Sensors are ideal for off-site storage. They monitor environment, activity, or electricity.  But if something starts to go wrong, such as a leaky roof, the sensors send an alert via text, email, or call. Early notifications protect inventory from water damage, melting, or even theft.

Turn thin air into profit by leasing empty space. And then integrate remote monitoring with Monnit Wireless Sensors.  The market off-site storage monitoring is a value-add service. Monnit can private label sensors and sensor software to differentiate your business. Beyond providing storage space, you’re also providing peace of mind.  Your staff (or theirs) can check on the storage unit at any time via smartphone or PC. Customers can focus on finishing 2019 strong and making 2020 better. You can make every square metre count.

Ideas for Wireless Sensors for Storage Security

Temperature SensorsMonitor storage unit temperatures—get alerts if temperatures fall out of optimal range.
G-Force Max-AvgKnow instantly if someone tries climbing a fence or breaches it with force.
Open/ClosedEnsure off-site storage is secure by knowing when there’s unauthorised access.
Equipment Status SensorsTrack HVAC equipment—if power consumption rises, schedule maintenance before failure.
Water Detect SensorsBe alerted immediately if water seeps into a storage unit so contents can be protected.
Average Cost$800–$1000 for a gateway and 5–7 sensors
Typical Setup TimeLess than 15 minutes
Battery Life12+ years
Cost SavingsThousands of dollars for a single incident.

All Monnit Wireless Sensors come with mobile apps and free basic online monitoring, allowing you to view sensor information anytime. Protect your inventory and your reputation with Monnit Wireless Sensors!

For more information on Wireless Sensors to provide you peace of mind, contact us.