Flying Probe Test Equipment

flying probe system

Cost effective – open architecture robotic platform – Design, Manufacturing and Service Depot applications

 The Huntron Access DH2 Prober is a dual head Robotic Flying Probe Test Equipment.  Therefore, perfect for low volume PCA testing where the interfacing between two points is necessary.

The open architecture design of the Access DH2 makes it possible to utilise flying probe test equipment technology for many different test methods where automated probing of the PCA under test is required.

In addition, the Access DH2 can be used with traditional Huntron Tracker products, configured to work with conventional test instruments, (oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, etc.) or specialised test cards such as boundary scan. The Access DH2 design also  allows a plug and play approach to automating manual guided probe applications.

The Access DH2 is a refined and updated version of the original Huntron dual head Access DH prober, the most noticeable change is the size. After listening to customer feedback , the Access DH2 has been resized to fit  through a standard 91.4cm door. The probing area is same as the original Access DH, but wider and not as deep,  improving  the probing area. The redesigned cabinet now has two side by side 48.3cm instrument racks making system integration more convenient.

Using the Access DH2 to make measurements on powered circuit boards with the RG316 coax cable connected to the test probes  will allow the user to make higher frequency measurements with oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers. The motor control has also been improved and the vision system enhanced with higher resolution, auto-focus cameras and software controlled ring lights.

Flying Probe Test Equipment – the Access DH2 Prober Highlights

  • Dual head flying probe interface for true point-to-point testing
  • Sized for small to large PCAs
  • Exceptional accuracy for precise probing of PCAs
  • Internal Huntron Tracker and rack mounted Computer included (Contact Huntron for current PC configuration)
  • RG316 coax cable to the probes used for high frequency measurements
  • Durable, stand alone cabinet design for many years of service
  • Built-in side by side 48.3cm racks provides plenty of space for PC and integrated test instrumentation
  • Automate tests using other mainline test instruments with optional SDK packages

Huntron was founded in 1976 and  is a manufacturer of tools for Engineers and Technicians.  Especially, those who test, diagnose and troubleshoot printed circuit assemblies.  The Huntron Tracker was the pioneering troubleshooting tool.  In addition, it uses power-off signature analysis to identify component failures on printed circuit boards. Over time, Huntron has added robotic automation.  Therefore, this has helped deal with the increase in board complexity.  In addition, it has assisted users  to save valuable time. The current Access Prober product line can decrease test times tenfold when compared to manual methods.

For more information on the Huntron Access DH2 Prober, contact us.