Introducing SIRIUS XHS Counter Inputs and CAN-FD

In the realm of high-speed data acquisition, Dewesoft’s latest blog post, titled “Introducing SIRIUS XHS Counter Inputs and CAN-FD,” is an exciting announcement for test and measurement engineer and technicians in various industries. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative features and capabilities of the new SIRIUS® XHS options, focusing on its enhanced counter inputs and CAN-FD compatibility.

Revolutionising Data Acquisition with SUPERCOUNTER® Inputs

The SIRIUS® XHS now boasts eight SUPERCOUNTER® inputs an option.  Therefore, elevating its functionality in high-speed data acquisition. These inputs are versatile, supporting multiple modes such as event counting, waveform timing, encoder, tacho, and gear tooth. This adaptability makes the SIRIUS® XHS a robust tool for a variety of applications, from industrial monitoring to sophisticated research projects.

Enhanced Connectivity with CAN-FD Input

Another significant upgrade is the introduction of CAN-FD input compatibility in all SIRIUS® XHS units. CAN-FD, known for its high speed of up to 8 Mbps, ensures efficient communication in modern data systems. This feature is particularly beneficial for automotive and industrial applications where high-speed data transfer is crucial.

Key Features and Benefits SIRIUS XHS Counter Inputs and CAN-FD

Diverse Counting Modes: The SUPERCOUNTER® inputs support event counting, waveform timing, encoder, tacho, and gear tooth modes, catering to a wide range of measurement needs.

High Precision: With a 150 MHz time base, a maximum bandwidth of 15 MHz, and a 32-bit resolution, the SIRIUS® XHS ensures accurate and reliable data collection.

Advanced Input Filtering: To tackle issues like glitching, the SUPERCOUNTER® features sophisticated input filtering, enhancing the quality of measurements.

Real-time Triggering: The counter channels can also function as digital outputs.  In addition, with fast triggering options that are beneficial for time-critical applications like emergency shutdowns.

CAN-FD Compatibility: Backward-compatible with standard CAN 2.0, the CAN-FD input supports both reading and writing at full speed.  Therefore, making it a versatile tool for modern data systems.

Applications Across Industries

The SIRIUS® XHS, with its new features, finds applications in a myriad of sectors. For instance, in automotive testing, it facilitates detailed analysis of vehicle dynamics and engine performance. In industrial settings, it plays a crucial role in monitoring and controlling machinery, ensuring efficiency and safety. The versatility of the counter inputs is perfect for research and development, where precision and adaptability are paramount.

A Step Forward for Professionals and Industries

The introduction of these features in the SIRIUS® XHS series marks a significant step forward in data acquisition technology. It offers professionals in various fields – from automotive engineers to industrial researchers – enhanced capabilities for precise and versatile data collection. The improvements in speed, precision, and flexibility provided by the SUPERCOUNTER® inputs and CAN-FD compatibility cater to the growing demands of sophisticated measurement and analysis tasks.

Conclusion: A New Era in Data Acquisition

Dewesoft’s latest additions to the SIRIUS® XHS series exemplify the company’s commitment to innovation in data acquisition technology. These advancements not only enhance the capabilities of the SIRIUS® XHS series but also demonstrate Dewesoft’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of professionals across industries. As we embrace these new features, we step into a new era of data acquisition, marked by greater efficiency, precision, and versatility.

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