Learn about AI at the Edge

AI on the edge

Have you been hearing a lot about AI at the Edge? Automation and Machine Learning? in the news and various online articles, lately?  So have we.  Apparently, many industries are currently experimenting with AI.  Firstly, with the hope of transforming their businesses through automation and machine learning.  However, Artificial Intelligence Systems or AI is still in its infancy. Plus the complexity of Hardware and Software Systems can be overwhelming.  But Adlink  (our supplier) has produced a white paper titled “Heterogeneous Computing for Artificial Intelligence at the Edge” which may answer your initial questions and lead you down the right path for AI.

Topics discussed in this 6 page document include:

  1. Why AI at the Edge?
  2. The Design Challenges of AI?
  3. Design Solutions and Questions Designers need to ask?
  4. About Multiple Core Types – definitions, advantages & disadvantages
  5. Plus some great AI examples – such as AI in Automated Optical Inspection, Character Recognition and Autonomous Mobile Robots
  6. AI Edge Embedded Computing Hardware
  7. How Adlink can assist

Finally, to download the white paper titled “Heterogeneous Computing for Artificial Intelligence at the Edge” click here.  Or if you would like more information on the Adlink product range, contact us.