Measuring Temperature with Ethernet I/O Solution

Measuring Temperature with Ethernet I/O Solution

This application note on Measuring Temperature with Ethernet I/O Solution was originally provided by our friends at Acromag.


A chemical manufacturer has up to 500 temperature measurement points.  Firstly, they’re monitoring points for pressure, level, and flow.  Also, they have thermocouple and RTD scattered throughout their process.

Therefore, it would not be cost efficient to run and maintain twisted pairs of wires for all these points – now and into the future.  Plus, the number of IP addresses on their network determines their SCADA system license fee.  With remote I/O temperature units averaging 4 to 6 channels each this could turn into a costly exercise.

As a result, Ethernet is the preferred solution.

Temperature Measurement with Ethernet I/O – the System Requirements

The Honeywell Experion® SCADA system uses Modbus® TCP/IP Protocol.  The remote I/O needs to be a Modbus server that accepts a mix of thermocouple and RTD signals.  Therefore, a higher channel density is preferred.

The Solution: BusWorks NT

Acromag’s BusWorks NT Series of expandable remote I/O is perfect for this application.  Firstly, the NT modules are configurable in the field for Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP™, or Profinet® protocols.  This series consists of a base unit with two ethernet ports (NTE).  The NTE can used with discrete I/O, analog inputs, analog outputs, thermocouple or RTD.

However, the main feature with the NTE is that you can plug up to three expansion units (NTX) of the above I/O in any combination.

For example, the thermocouple units have 8 input channels and RTD have 4 input channels.  So at one process point you could pair 1 x NTE-2611-111 with 2 x NTX-2611-0011 and a single NTX2621-0011.  You would have 24 thermocouple channels and 4 RTD Channels on a single IP address.

Learn more about the NT Series, here.

Acromag NT Series

NTE2611-1111: Ethernet I/O Module with dual RJ45 ports, 8 thermocouple/mv inputs along with 2 discrete I/O

NTX2611-0011: Expansion I/O module with 8 thermocouple/mV inputs and 2 discrete I/O

NTX2621-0011: Expansion I/O module with 4 RTD resistance inputs and 2 discrete sinking I/O (coming soon)

So Why choose Acromag?

The Acromag BusWorks NT series has built in web pages.  This allows for easy configuration and testing relieving the user of needing extra hardware and software. Additionally, the ability to add expansion units of any type of I/O allows for a unique solution at each location.  Also the NT’s are built for rugged environments.  With approvals for up to 20g shock and 4g vibration, extreme temperature operating ranges, also UL/cUL Class 1; Div2 and ATEX/IECEX Zone 2 (pending) safety ratings.

Acromag is a USA based manufacturer and has been in business for over 60 years.  Metromatics represent the Acromag Product lines in Australia and New Zealand and exceptional local sales, service and support.

To learn more about the BusWorks NT Series or watch this application by the video below, contact us.