Ethernet Remote I/O Modules

Acromag’s Busworks NT2000 Series is an Expandable Ethernet Remote I/O Modules Solution.

There are two model types:  NTE Ethernet Models & NTX Expansion Models

Firstly, NTE handle the network communication and interface up to 16 analog or digital I/O channels for remote monitoring or Control applications.

Whereas the NTX expansion models provide a cost effective way to add a mix of I/O signal types under a single IP address.

NTE provide Multi-protocol support

NTE Ethernet I/O modules are pre-programmed to support Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP and Profinet* protocols.  Select which is to be used.  They also support direct i20® peer-to-peer communication without a master.

Features include:

  • Integrated I/O expansion bus
  • Up to 64 I/O channels per port (this incorporates 3 x NTX Expansion Models)
  • Anlaog, Digital and Temperature I/O mix on one port
  • I20 peer-to-peer or multi cast communications
  • Rugged Design, -40° to 70°C
  • Hazardous location approvals


*Coming soon

Watch this short video to learn more.

Ethernet-based Configuration with easy setup from any web browser

The NTE modules have a built in webserver.  Firstly, this provides convenient configuration without installing software. Web pages lead you through the options to set IP addresses, protocol and I/O parameters.  The diagnostics page enables you to monitor I/O values directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

There are advanced features for IIoT and local control logic functions.  Such as peer-to-peer communication, conditional logic computation and alarm output.

Finally, for more information or pricing on this great product, contact us.

Busworks Series Ethernet Remote I/O Modules


Ethernet I/O UnitsDescriptionExpansion UnitsDescription
NTE2111-1111Dual RJ45 ports, discrete I/O, sinking output, 16-chNTX2111-0011Discrete I/O, sinking output, 16-ch
NTE2121-1111Dual RJ45 ports, discrete I/O, sourcing output, 16-chNTX2121-0011Discrete I/O, sourcing output, 16-ch
NTE2131-1111Dual RJ45 ports, discrete I/O, relay output, 6 MR + 6 DINTX2131-0011Discrete I/O, relay output, 6 MR + 6 DI
NTE2211-1111Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, differential current, 8 AI + 2 DIONTX2211-0011Analog Input, differential current, 8 AI + 2 DIO
NTE2221-1111Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, single ended current, 16 ChNTX2221-0011Analog Input, Single Ended Current, 16-Ch
NTE2231-1111Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, differential voltage, 8 AI + 2 DIONTX2231-0011Analog Input, Differential Voltage, 8 AI + 2 DIO
NTE2241-1111Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, single ended voltage, 16 ChNTX2241-0011Analog Input, Single Ended Voltage, 16-Ch
NTE2611-1111Dual RJ45 ports, temperature input, 8 thermocouple + 2 DIONTX2611-0011Temperature Input, 8 thermocouple + 2 DIO

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