New AcroPack Multi Function I/O Module

AcroPack Multi Function I/O Module

Acromag has added another AcroPack Multi Function I/O Module to their range.  It is a military-grade measurement and control module to complement their other ruggedised mini PCIe I/O modules. The new AP730 multi-function I/O module performs analog input, analog output, discrete I/O and counter/timer functions. A variety of carrier cards can host up to four modules.  Also they are available in PCIe, VPX, XMC, CompactPCI-Serial, and mini-ITX embedded computing platforms.

These boards are for commercial off-the shelf (COTS) applications.  Such as in defence, aerospace, and industrial systems.  Ultimately, to provide a high-density mix of I/O signal interfaces in compact computing environments. With the AP730’s single-module combination of analog and digital I/O functions, system integrators can use remaining carrier mezzanine slots for serial, Ethernet, avionics, and CAN interfaces, or FPGA signal processing with other AcroPack modules.

About the AcroPack Multi Function I/O Module

AP730 modules feature a high-density mix of 28 I/O channels and 32-bit counter/timers in a 30 x 70mm card. Eight differential analog inputs (0-10V, ±10V ranges) feed a 16-bit A/D converter capable of sampling at nearly 800KHz. Four analog output channels have individual 16-bit D/A converters with a 7.5µS settling time. Programmable I/O ranges, sequencing, interrupts, memory allocation, and other controls are supported, as well as external triggering.

The bi-directional digital I/O is two 8-channel groups. With TTL-compatible thresholds and programmable change-of-state or level interrupts. Counter/timers perform quadrature, frequency, and period measurement functions.  Plus pulse width modulation and waveform generation operations. DMA transfer support efficiently moves data between module memory and the PCIe bus, unburdening the system CPU and increasing performance.

“Increasing demand for more efficient size, weight, and power (SWaP) computing is driving the need for high-density, multi-function I/O modules like the AP730.
The compact, rugged AcroPack mezzanine is ideal for interfacing a mix of signals in the tightest footprint on PCIe servers, VPX chassis or small form factor computers.

-Robert Greenfield, Acromag Business Development Manager

AcroPack modules improve the mini PCIe architecture with a down-facing 100-pin connector that securely routes the I/O through a carrier card; eliminating loose internal cabling. Carrier cards for rack-mount, field-deployable industrial chassis, desktop, and small-mezzanine computing platforms let you combine up to four I/O function modules on one computer board. Over 25 models are available.

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