New CompactPCI Serial Carrier Card

Carrier Card CompactPCI

New CompactPCI Serial Carrier Card Hosts Two AcroPack® Industrial I/O Modules for Data Acquisition, Control, or FPGA Processing

Acromag’s new 3U CPCI Serial Carrier Card board interfaces two ruggedised mPCIe analogue I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, and FPGA mezzanine modules to an embedded computing system.

Acromag has released their ACPS3310 3U CompactPCI Serial carrier card for embedded measurement and control applications.

Firstly, the board has two AcroPack module slots to accommodate a wide variety of I/O signal processing tasks. AcroPacks are a family of more than 25 enhanced mini PCIe modules that perform analogue I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, FPGA computing and other functions.

Secondly, Field I/O signals are securely routed through the carrier board from 68-pin front panel connectors to the AcroPack I/O modules eliminating loose internal cabling. Thirdly, a PCI Express link interfaces the I/O modules to the bus backplane. CompactPCI Serial is a modern high-performance modular embedded computing standard that is very fast, versatile and economical. It is ideal for Defence, aerospace, transportation, oil/gas, scientific, test/measurement, and manufacturing applications.

Finally, CompactPCI Serial is a PICMG® open standard with proven Eurocard mechanics.  It is supported by a wide variety of vendors providing CPUs, racks, graphics, storage, communication, and other peripherals. The ACPS3310 AcroPack carrier adds a wealth of rugged, I/O signal processing solutions to the CPCI-S bus ecosystem. AcroPack modules are available for A/D, D/A, discrete level monitoring/control, counter/timer, RS232/422/485, GbE, CAN bus, avionics, and FPGA computing tasks. Software tools support Linux®, Windows®, and VxWorks® operating systems.

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