New DC UPS Systems

DC UPS System

A DC UPS System is power supply system that is designed to provide clean, uninterrupted power to critical DC loads in the event of AC (utility) power loss. A DC UPS Power Supply provides Backup Power for a certain duration of time.  Of course this depends on the load of the battery capacity.

Technology Dynamics manufactures DC UPS Systems.  The CP-RK-BBU Series DC UPS designed for the harshest of  environments such as Military and Industrial Grade applications. The TCP-RK-BBU Series is a full-function DC-UPS Battery Backup system complete with internal sealed lead acid batteries. This rack mount system is rugged, efficient and ideal for critical systems where down time cannot be tolerated. The TCP-RK-BBU Series of DC-UPS contains a primary power supply, batteries and LVBD circuit.

Firstly, available in 12VDC, 24VDC & 48VDC outputs with power levels to 3KW. Secondly, standard run times include 10, 20 & 30 minutes on Battery Back-Up, depending on load requirements. Thirdly, Extended run times available with additional battery racks. Options include Extended Temperature Operation, Power Factor Correction, Conformal Coating, 400Hz Operation, Chassis Slides, Analogue or Digital Meters, MS Connectors, and more.

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