Next Generation Railway System

Embedded PC & GPU Platform for Real Time Video Analysis

The ADLINK AVA-5500 is a next generation railway system.  Firstly, it is an AI enabled video analytics platform – where it provides real time video and graphics analysis of complex railway operations.  It consists of an Intel i7 Core, NVIDIA Quadro®GPU which highlights ADLINK’s expertise in developing railway systems with AI, Machine Learning, Edge Computing and IOT Technologies.

Secondly, the AVA-5500 is EN50155 certified and is a rugged, fanless, compact platform ideal for operating in harsh environments.  It contains DC Inputs and rugged isolated I/O interfaces to meet very specific system requirements.

It is used in On-board, Wayside applications, as a core computing engine or railroad hazard detector.  However, when it is combined with Advanced Cameras, Radar, Optical Sensors and AI Software Stack.  Finally, it becomes a real time monitor of railway tracks of up to several kilometres ahead.

Hazard Detection System

The Hazard Detection System quickly identifies the hazard, triggers an alarm to prompt the driver or on-board control system to take action.  Therefore it improves operational safety and prevents accidents at works at night or in bad weather conditions which limits visibility.   For example the AVA 5500 next generation railway system was installed on an inspection train as part of a track equipment fault system.  It processed real time images captured from the pantograph and wayside sensors.  It was driven by the GPU accelerated computer which allowed it to identify possible train faults when travelling up to 120km per hour.

For other examples of development and use of the AVA-5500, watch the video below.  It highlights other applications such as

  • On board video surveillance systems which detect abnormal behaviour of passengers in cabins
  • On Platforms video surveillance systems which detect suspicious human behaviour, automated counting and facial recognition for security
  • Airport Video Surveillance offers real time identification of foreign objects on runway and better visibility for Air Traffic Control
  • Oil Rigs offers real time operational efficiency and safety of workers

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