Open Architecture Probe System Announced

probe station

Huntron Inc. announces the addition of the Huntron Access DH2 (Dual Head) Open Architecture Probing Station (Probe System). “The expertise Huntron gained with developing the original Access DH robotic prober has allowed us to help customers automate their custom test processes. The Access DH2 is refinement based on customer feedback and our own experience,” said Brad Grams, President at Huntron Inc.

Ensuring Test Flexibility with the Huntron Probe System:

The Access DH2 Prober is a dual head Robotic Flying Probe system that is best suited for low volume printed circuit assembly (PCA) testing where interfacing between two points is necessary.

Therefore, the Access DH2 built-in side-by-side 19-inch racks provide plenty of space for PC and integrated test instrumentation.  Giving you a plug and play approach to automating manual guided probe applications.

The Huntron Access DH2 provides clear path to increased productivity and printed circuit card asset recovery.  By ensuring a cost effective approach to shorten repair cycles and enhance conventional test procedures. The benefits are recovery of previously unrepairable PCAs, support of legacy products that have limited or no documentation and diagnosing fallout from functional test.

Huntron provides flexibility, for electronic circuit card assembly diagnosis.  For more information, contact us.


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