Cybersecurity Technology by Crystal Group called PASS

Rugged Server 2U

Crystal Group PASS is advanced cybersecurity technology designed for a wide range of computationally-intense, network complex and expanded data storage applications operating in severe environments.

Cybersecurity Technology from the Crystal Group is PASS™ – Platform Agnostic Security Solutions.

Global cybersecurity threats are greater than ever, driving the need for secure, rugged and rigorously tested computers, networking gear and storage devices. Crystal Group PASS provides the defence intelligence community with the operational cybersecurity necessary to protect data in critical computer systems deployed in the most demanding situations, whether in the field, in an office, or positioned in a military vehicle.

Firstly, Crystal Group PASS includes the world’s first rugged FIPS 140-2 compliant data-at-rest storage devices.  For example; ruggedised Ruckus ICX switches with NIAP certified IP-security modules for network encryption.  Plus Media Access Control Security (MACsec); and exclusively conformal-coated Seagate 6.35cm (2.5″), dual-port SAS drives that are compatible with any Crystal Group platform:  server, workstation, and JBOD or RAID storage system.

Crystal Group’s RS202FM Rugged Server and RCS7450 Rugged Switch both utilise Crystal Group PASS™ cyber security technology.  Because it protects data in a variety of mission profiles including deployments in harsh environments on land, in air, or at sea.

The RS202FM Rugged Server is engineered to deliver high-end computing performance in a 2U chassis with a depth of 48.26cm (19”). Also the unit accommodates up to three 6.35cm (2.5”) SSDs in a single twin carrier and up to 512 GB DDR3 or DDR4 of memory.  In addition, internal expansion is available with custom Mil-Circ I/O connections.

The RCS7450 Rugged Network Switch is available with 24 or 48 copper ports or with 48 port fibre SFP connectors. The unit can deliver 960 Gbps in stacking bandwidth. With up to 336 Gbps in full duplex switching capacity and up to 250 Mpps forwarding capacity. Crystal Group rugged switches provide intelligent, scalable, edge switch technology with enterprise class functionality and mil-spec environmental performance.

To protect data at rest and in motion. Crystal Group manufactures its products in vertically integrated, NIST compliant, AS9100D certified, facilitie.  Tracing every component  from the raw materials through production processes to the delivery of the final warrantied product. Ensuring an end-to-end supply chain of custody and help prevent security vulnerabilities.

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