Analog Video Converters MIL STD

These LRU Video Converters process composite RS170, NTSC, PAL, RS343, Component VGA, RGB, as well as other signals and convert them into other formats Signals from 30hz to 30Mhz.  They split the multiple inputs into multiple outputs. Gains are unity or adjustable.

These proven analog video converter products are widely used in the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

EON Instrumentation’s MIL STD Analog Video Converters are available in several models.  Firstly, all are qualified to MIL Spec EMI, Environmental and Power requirements.  Standard Signal Inputs and Outputs consist of either VGA/PAL, NTSC/SDI or CY/SDI and RS323/VGA; NTSC.

Secondly, unique features of each model include:

  • 2 VGA / 2 PAL out
  • 1 VGA / 2 PAL out
  • 1 NTSC / 1-4 SDI or 1 CY / 1-4 SDI
  • One model offers computer selectable outputs.


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Analog Video Converters MIL STD Models

Model # Standard Signal In/Out Standard Signal Connector In/Out Inputs Outputs Unique Features



VGA/PAL MilS/BNC 1 VGA 4 2 VGA / 2 PAL Out



VGA/PAL MilS/BNC 1 VGA 3 1 VGA / 2 PAL Out
ADV-301-NTSCDI NTSC/SDI or CY/SDI BNC 1-2 NTSC or 1-2 CY 1-4 SDI each input  

1 NTSC / 1-4 SDI or 1 CY / 1-4 SDI


ADV-RSVGA-14-NT24 RS323/VGA; NTSC MS/BNC 1 RS323 4 VGA 2 NTSC Computer selectable outputs

Analog Video Converter ADV RSVGA 14

Analog Video Converter ADV 301 VGA 3 & 4

Analog Video Converter ADV 301 NTSCDI