Audio Control Units for Defence

Audio Control Units are Line Replaceable Units or LRU’s.  Stand Alone or for integration with other electronics to provide a complete audio system.

Used primarily by Defence Airborne, Ground Vehicle and Shipborne Military Platforms. They are qualified to several Military and Applicable Standards.

EON Instrumentation design and manufacture a range of MIL-STD Audio Control Units for Defence Applications.

Firstly, Model ACU-101 combines audio signals from four input sources into a single mixed audio output signal.  The output and all four audio inputs are coupled to the internal circuitry through 600 balanced transformers.  On the front of the panel, each of the four inputs have independent level controls.

Another model ACU-117 splits a single audio signal into 17 balanced outputs for recording.

The CAPP is a portion of the communications subsystem used aboard the HC-130J Mission System US Coast Guard Aircraft.  It replaced the integral Public Address System Amplifier impedance and power matching function that was installed on the baseline C-130J Intercommunication System.  This because it was lost with LRS modification to an integrated ICS.  The CAPP passes and amplifies unencrypted audio from the MICS to the Public Address System PAA on the baseline HC-130J LRS.

Finally, the CSA Cockpit Speaker Amplifier is a component of an aircraft communications subsystem.  It integrates amplified audio signals to the cockpit speakers.  Plus, it operates as a lightweight airborne component of shared channel internal aircraft communication system.  Whilst supporting two separate audio channel input and providing two separate speaker outputs.  The Cockpit Speaker Amplifier provides signal level amplification and power filtering without selections and control functions.


Features of Audio Control Units for Defence

  • Bandwidth: 300 to 5000Hz
  • Crosstalk: 100dB isolation at 1000Hz
  • Amplification: 8.3 dB with 8 speaker impedance
  • THD: less than 7%
  • Output noise: less than 15 mV RMS measured with 10 kHz filter
  • Voltage Input: 28VDC
  • Current: less than 1 Amp
  • Weighs less than 907 grams
  • Convection Cooled
  • Connector: D38999/20WC98PN
  • Dimensions: 17.15cm L x 14.91cm W x 4.93cm H


Military Qualified

  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-461
  • MIL-STD-704
  • MIL-STD-1275
  • MIL-STD-901D
  • DO160
  • And other applicable specifications.


Standard Power Input

  • 28 VDC (18-36)
  • Other Power Inputs can also be provided


Projects on which they are deployed

  • P3 Aircraft – ACU-101
  • C130 & SOF Aircraft – CAPP-101
  • Plus, many others.  For further updates, click here.


EON Instrumentation provide the advantage

Experience:  EON Instrumentation has designed, developed, and deployed a range of Interference Blanking Units for shipborne and airborne applications over the last 20 years.

Capable: The team is experienced in Electronic Systems Design, Development and Manufacture with New Products, Existing Product Modification & Upgrade and Reverse Engineering

Reliable: Installed and Operating in Military Platforms Internationally

Local Sales & Support: Metromatics provide local sales & support for the EON Instrumentation product range to our customers in Australia & New Zealand.

For more information, contact us.


ACU Models


ModelInput VoltageStd. Signal ConnectorInputsOutputsUnique Features
ACU-10118-36 VDCMILS & DIN4 Audio1 Mixed AudioP3 Cockpit; adj inputs
CAPP-10118-36 VDC1 MilS1 Microphone80 ohm Speaker x 1C130 ICS preamp; low noise
CAS-10118-36 VDC2 MilSPreamplifiers x 280 ohm Speakers x 2C130 ICS Cockpit 8 hm 5W/Channel
ACU-11718-36 VDC1 MilS1 Audio17 Balanced36k ohm outputs for recorders


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Audio Control Units