Bulk Tank Monitoring & Control QT600

Our Partner’s Bulk Tank Monitoring and Control Solution is the most efficient bulk fuel system on the market today. With built in long range WiFi, the QT600 quickly communicates to downstream LevelCon Devices to determine overall volume levels with real time overfill protection all occurring within seconds.

It also doubles as a live surveillance system with cloud-based look back controls and local video storage. This real time inventory data system allows you to make well informed decisions, react to abnormalities and prevent and predict problems in your systems before they happen.

Typical applications for this product include: Bulk facility monitoring and surveillance Automatic pump control for overfill protection An easy-to-use interface to trigger events and alerts Card lock / authentication for pump activation Flow meter-based controls to manage output volume

The LevelCon QT600 is an efficient Bulk Tank Monitoring and Control Solution.

Firstly, this system consists of F100W which is a WiFI Sensor Node installed on each bulk tank. Plus a submersible or externally mounted pressure sensor and high level float are the sensors of choice. The sensors calculate overall volume levels as well as real time overfill protection. Also, when a high-level float is tripped the F100W sends a signal to the QT600 to de-energise the internal relays that control the pumps. The tank level inventories are communicated to the QT600. This information is then displayed on the QT600 outdoor rated colour touch screen.

Communication between the Bulk tanks and QT600 System, are via Ethernet connectivity or mobile modem with the option of adding a solar power kit. Therefore, enabling this highly flexible solution to monitor any facility, anywhere. This system allows configurable triggers and notifications to provide shut off capabilities and activity alerts.

Secondly, another advantage of this product is that it can act as a full security system by providing live video feeds.

Finally, for more information, contact us.

Other features of Bulk Tank Monitoring and Control Solution QT600 include:

  • Four x 12 Bit Analog Inputs interfacing with virtually any sensor
  • 4 x Digital Inputs for custom alarms and status
  • 4 x Digital Outputs for local alerts and control
  • RS232/RS485/UART Modbus Support
  • GSM/CDMA Connectivity
  • Iridium Satellite Connectivity
  • 802.11g WiFi GPS enabled for mobile asset tracking
  • 24/7 access to data on LevelCon cloud or local SCADA


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