Extended Low Frequency (ELF) Accelerometer 7706A

Model 7706A is a new generation of accelerometer. It combines two technologies (piezoelectric and DC response MEMS) into a single housing. This creates a wide frequency response bandwidth from DC (0 Hz) to 10 kHz.

Applications in which it is used include:

  • Health & Usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
  • Machinery Monitoring
  • Flight testing
  • Ride quality
  • Wind Turbine Measurements
  • Wide range of structural response applications

The Dytran 7706A Model is an Extended Low Frequency (ELF) accelerometer.

Firstly, it combines features of the piezoelectric sensors, such as high frequency response. With those of variable capacitance accelerometers, such as true DC response. Therefore eliminating the need for using two different technologies to cover the bandwidth required for the application. Now slow rotations speeds in the sub – 1 Hz range and gear mesh frequencies up to 10 kHz can be made using the same sensor.

Secondly, this series is available in 50g range and operates on 5-20 VDC power at 5-10 mA of current. Signal power is handles via a 4-pin M4 x 0.35 radial connector.

Finally made from titanium housing and weighing just 35 grams. It Is hermetically sealed for use in harsh environments. As well as mounted by two M3 mounting screws.

Other features include:

  • Titanium
  • Hermetic
  • Hybrid design
  • Dual mode technology
  • AC and DC in one sensor.


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Extended Low Frequency (ELF) Accelerometer 7706A

7706A3.6 mV/m/s² sensitivity, 491 m/s² range, 4–pin M4.5 x 0.35 radial connector, two M3 mounting screws, 35 grams,–40 to 121°C operation

Compatible Cables: 6776A, 6895A


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