Frequency to Analog Converter

The Frequency to Analog Converters are convenient and easy to use.  Firstly, these signal transmitters convert 0 to 50KHz frequency or 0 to 65535 pulse input signals 4-20mA or 0-10V DC outputs for interfacing to controllers or other instrumentation.

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Our Portfolio of Frequency to Analog Converters

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frequency or pulse input 2 wire transmitterfrequency or pulse input

Frequency / Pulse PWM Input 12-32V DC Loop Power, 2 Wire Transmitter

Model:  TT239

Frequency / Pulse Input 12-32V DC Local / Bus Power Transmitter

Model:  TT339

frequency input loop ac or dc poweredDC Frequency / Pulse Input Transmitter 841T

Frequency Input Loop, DC or AC Power Transmitter

Model: 250T-FQ, 350T-FQ, 450T-FQ

DC Frequency/Pulse Input Intelligent Transmitter

Model: 841T


Features of the Frequency to Analog Converter

TT239: 2 Wire transmitter.  Select to measure either the input frequency or duty cycle.  Isolates and converts frequency, pulse or pulse width modulation (PWM) input to proportional 4-20mA signal

TT339: 4 Wire Transmitter that isolates and converts a frequency (0Hz to 100KHz) or pulse input into a proportional control signal.  DC Current and Voltage Output are on a single model.  Plus DIN Rail Bus can be optioned to provide primary or redundant power to multiple units without wiring.

841T: 0 to 50KHz Frequency or 0 to 65535 pulses input along with 0 to 20mA DC or 0 to 10V DC Output.  Mechanical Alarm Relay along with 10-36V DC power and software configured.

250T-FQ, 350T-FQ, 450T-FQ: 0 to 25.6KHz frequency input and DC voltage or DC current output.  DIN Rail G or T Mounted.


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