General Purpose Impulse Hammer 5850B

Model 5850B is a general purpose IEPE Impulse hammer, used to excite structures or machinery with a definable impulse force to allow studying of dynamic behaviour and determining the overall structural health of a test specimen.

Applications for this product include:

  • Machine parts
  • MIMO test
  • Modal & Structural Analysis
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • General purpose use on car frames, bearing housings, brake rotors, I-beams, plates and other small to medium sized structures and machinery.

The Dytran 5850B Model is a general purpose impulse hammer. It is part of the Dytran Dytranpulse™ product range.

Firstly, it is available with a sensitivity of 1, 10 and 100 mV/lbf. It has a head weight of 150 grams and supplied with 3 interchangeable impact tips. This model features a 3-position toggle switch on the hammer handle. This allows the user to select from 3 different sensitivities to use with test objects of varying size. Generally, larger objects require higher force levels to generate excitation. Whilst, smaller structures require lower force levels.

Secondly, a great feature of the Dynapulse™ hammers is that it incorporates a special piezoelectric force sensor built into hammer head at striking face. Therefore, ensuring a smooth frequency spectrum free from anomalies Electrical connection is achieved via a BNC jack located at the end of the hammer handle.

Other features include:

  • BNC Connector
  • IEPE


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General Purpose Impulse Hammer 5850B Model

Model Specifications
5850B Multirange (0.22, 2.22 and 22.24 kN range), BNC connector, head weight 150 grams, impulse hammer

Compatible Cable: 6011A, 6020A, 6113



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