Multi Channel Telemetry System

ATI have a range of Multi Channel, Multiplexing and Hybrid Telemetry Systems available.

These systems are used in Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace applications where a certain channel count or signal bandwidth is required.

ATI manufacture a Multi Channel Telemetry System.

They also provide Multiplexing and Hybrid Telemetry systems for Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace applications.

A break down of these systems is listed below.

Multi-Channel Telemetry Systems. Multi-channel systems use one or more single-channel transmitters grouped together. These systems are typically used on applications where a higher signal bandwidth is needed.

Multiplexing Telemetry Systems. Multiplexing systems are typically used on applications with a high channel count and a lower bandwidth requirement. Throughputs of up to 1625 samples/second/channel can be achieved with a 4-channel multiplexing transmitter. Multiplexing transmitters are available with up to 64 channels.

Hybrid Telemetry Systems. Multi-channel and multiplexing transmitters can be mixed together within the same system. This is particularly useful in applications where both high and low bandwidth signals, such as strain gauges and thermocouples, are of interest.

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