Non-Intelligent Carrier Card APCe8675

The APCe8675 carrier card interfaces the one XMC mezzanine module to an eight lane PCI Express Interface bus in a PC based desktop computer system. It supports a high-speed serial interface between neighbouring cards that use protocols such as XAUI or Aurora.

The Acromag APCe8675 is a non-intelligent carrier card.

Firstly, it is a PCIe bus adaptor board. Which allows a PC (PCIe bus master) to control and communicate with the hosted XMC Module. Therefore, it simply acts as an adaptor to route signals between the system’s PCIe bus and the XMC module connector.

PCIe stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express and is a serial interface bus standard. This card is a PCIe bus card carrier for a XMC module. It routes PCIe bus signals between the PCIe bus of your PC and the P15 Connector on the XMC module card. Access to XMC P16 and P4 rear I/O is provided through connectors P2, P3 and J1. XMC modules with front I/O can be accessed through the front mounting bracket.

There are cables available to connect P2 and P3 rear I/O signals to other carrier cards in adjacent slots. Plus, there is cables available to connect the J1 rear I/O to a front panel bracket mounted connector located in an adjacent slot. You can select XMC modules from Acromag’s offering of high-performance FPGA and I/O solutions. Alternatively, use third party ANSI/VITA 42 compliant mezzanine modules.

Features of the Non-Intelligent Carrier Card APCe8675 include:

  • One XMC module slot
  • 8-lane PCI Express interface
  • Cooling fan
  • Supports high-speed serial interface between neighbouring cards using protocols such as XAUI or Aurora
  • Routes 32 differential pairs to rear connector for LVDS I/O from the XMC module
  • JTAG programming connector supports Xilinx programmer for use in with hosted FPGA modules
  • Auxiliary power connection for 12V source


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