Nonintelligent 6U VME Carrier Card AVME9660A

The AVME9660A is a Non intelligent VME IP Carrier Card that holds four IP Modules. It also contains 50-pin front panel header connectors and support two interrupt channels per IP. It accepts a standard IP module interface.

Used in Industrial, Defence and Transport Embedded Computing applications.

The Acromag AVME9660A is a nonintelligent 6U VME Carrier Card or slave board that interfaces Industry Pack (IP) modules to VME bus. The full height 6U board holds four IP modules. All field I/O connections are made directly to the carrier board. Full access from the carrier card is provided to the IP Module’s I/O, ID and memory spaces. This means you can easily configure and control the operation of the IP modules from the VME bus.

There up to two interrupt requests which are supported for each IP module and the VME bus interrupt level is software programmable. The individual passive filters on each IP module power supply line provide optimum filtering and power isolation between IP modules and the carrier board.

Features of the Nonintelligent 6U VME Carrier Card AVME9660A include:

  • 6U VMEbus card holds four IP modules
  • Industry-standard IP module interface
  • Front panel connectors for field I/O signals
  • Supports two interrupt channels per IP
  • Provides individually isolated and filtered +5V, +12V, and -12V DC power lines to each IP module
  • Accepts other manufacturers’ IP modules
  • Locking front panel connectors 0 to 70°C (AVME9660A-LF) or -40 to 85°C (AVME9660AE-LF)


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