Octave Band Analysis

Octave Band Analysis is a tool used for sound measurement.  It provides a frequency reading close to how the human ear would respond.

Dewesoft’s Octave Band Analyser measures these frequencies and determines the Octave band for which the sound belongs.  It meets all IEC and ANSI specifications for octave filters.

Octave Band Analysis are used in noise control, hearing protection and environmental noise issue applications.  Firstly, an Octave band is a frequency band that spans one octave.  However, in engineering acoustics, fractional octave bands such 1/3 or ½ of an octave are used.

Secondly, real-time octave band analyzers determine the sounds classification.  These are special sound level meters.  They divide the noise into the appropriate frequency component band using an electronic filter circuit.  Dewesoft’s Octave Band Analysers provide the solution for any sound measurement.

Thirdly, the Octave Analysis Module consists of an all-in-one Data Acquisition System, Microphone and Powerful, easy to use analysis software.  This seamless acoustic suite integration also provides sound level, sound power, sound intensity and other modules for advanced sound analysis.

Features of the Octave Band Analysis Tool include:

TRUE OCTAVE ANALYSIS: true octave filters exactly represents the filter sets defined by the IEC 61260 standards and give the user real-time response for vivid live visualisation of data, crucial for advanced acoustic analysis

AS WELL AS SYNTHESIZED ANALYSIS: for large channel count systems Dewesoft provides extremely fast calculation from frequency domain

SEAMLESS ACOUSTIC SUITE INTEGRATION: octave analyser is perfectly integrated with sound level, sound power, sound intensity and other modules for advanced sound analysis

RESOLUTION UP TO 1/24 OCTAVE: for deep analysis of data Dewesoft provides very narrow band analysis up to 1/24th octave

ALSO FREQUENCY SOUND WEIGHTING: standard frequency weighting curves (A, B, C, D and Z) can be applied directly in a frequency domain for analysis of sound

FREQUENCY AVERAGING: block history with linear, peak, exponential averaging or overall calculation is available.

LIFETIME FREE SOFTWARE UPGRADES AND SUPPORT: Dewesoft’s data acquisition systems come bundled with award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software. New features frequently added. They offer lifetime FREE software upgrades and technical support to all our users.

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