Processor Module – Acromag COM-6400

Acromag’s XCOM-6400 is a basic size platform (95 x 125mm) processor module with Type 6 interconnects. Intel® 4th generation Core™ i7 or i5 Haswell processor delivers enhanced media, graphic, security, and power capabilities.


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Acromag’s XCOM-6400 is a basic size platform (95 x 125mm) processor module with Type 6 interconnects. Several models are available with the 4th generation (Haswell) Intel Core i7 or i5 CPUs. Designed for industrial and Defence applications, the XCOM-6400 has an extra rigid PCB and extended temperature support.

Details of the XCOM-6400 COM Express Processor Module

The 4th generation of Intel’s i5 and i7 processors delivers many enhanced capabilities for media, graphics, security, and power management. Performance Improvements were made for floating-point-intensive computations. These are critical for digital signal and image processing applications such as radar and sonar. Enhanced graphics enable smoother playback of high quality images for digital signage or displays. Better power efficiency reduces heat and allows smaller, lighter designs with more portability.

Cutting-edge technology features programmable power limits, allowing the user to “dial-down” the maximum power consumption of the CPU in systems where power is a concern.

This module sets a new standard for shock and vibration by implementing a SODIMM hold down mechanism. Soldering down the memory is no longer necessary.

The XCOM-6400 also provides a heat sink capability not available on traditional COM Express designs. Conduction-cooled rails set a new standard for carrier cards.

Features & Benefits


  • Intel 4th Gen (Haswell) multi-core processor:
    – Core i7 CPU for high performance (47W) or
    – Core i5 CPU for low power (25W)
  • Programmable CPU power for heat sensitive applications
  • Intel 8-Series QM87 PCH chipset (formerly Lynx Point)
  • Up to 16GB of high-speed DDR3L memory with SODIMM lock-down mechanism (permits user removal or upgrades)
  • Advanced heat management technologies with heat spreader plates, conduction-cooled rails, and optional fan
  • Up to -25 to 85°C extended operating range
  • PEG/ General Purpose PCIe x16 (bifurcation/trifurcation supported)
  • 7 ports of PCIe x1 (gangable into ports of greater width)
  • SPI bus
  • LPC bus
  • SMBus (system)
  • I2C (user)
  • VGA Interface
  • 3x Digital Display Interface
  • eDP Interface (x2)


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