RTD/Resistance Modbus Input Modules 932MB 934MB

This signal conditioner is a dual or quad channel analog input module with one discrete/relay output per input channel and Modbus Interface. It filters and linearises RTD or resistance inputs whilst providing isolation between, input, output, power and network circuits.

The Acromag 932MB 934MB are RTD/Resistance Modbus-RTU Input Modules.

Firstly, the 932MB contains 2 input channels and 2 relay outputs whilst the 934MB contains 4 input channels and 4 relay outputs. Input consists of RTD (100 ohm Pt, 120 ohm Ni, 10 ohm Cu), Resistance (0 to 500 ohms). Another great feature is that lead wire compensation as well as upscale/downscale sensor break detection are standard. Plus low voltage AC and DC power sources are supported with non polarised diode coupled terminals.

Secondly, the programmable inputs enable four RTD types plus wide range resistance signals. The discrete outputs operate as alarms or on/off controllers. As limit alarms, each output can be configured with high or low set points and tied to an analog input channel. Alarms function without host communication. Otherwise on/off control is based on commands issued from host system.

Finally, these modules are used in both control room and distributed field I/O applications.

Features of the RTD/Resistance Modbus-RTU Input Modules 932MB 934MB include:

  • Standard Modbus RTU protocol with high-speed RS-485 communication (up to 115K bps)
  • 16-bit sigma-delta A/D yields 0.1°C resolution and 0.25°C accuracy (Pt, Ni RTDs)
  • RTD linearisation and sensor break detection ensure reliable measurements
  • Discrete relay outputs enable local temperature limit alarms or host-controlled on/off switching
  • Heavy-duty 1A solid-state relays provide dependable on/off control of industrial devices
  • Self-calibration lowers maintenance costs by reducing periodic manual calibration checks
  • Watchdog timers provide a configurable fail-safe output state for use when host I/O communication is lost
  • Four-way isolation eliminates potential ground loops between power, input, output and network circuitry
  • Self-diagnostics monitor microcontroller activity to detect operational failures (lock-up) and execute a reset to restore communication


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