VME64 Carriers with Geographical Addressing AVME967xA

The AVME967XA consists of Models AVME9670A and AVME9675A. They are nonintelligent slave boards that interface up to four IP Modules to the VMEbus. The only difference is that the AVME9675A adds fully implemented geographical addressing. Both increase the quantity of rear I/O connections than of a standard VME Board.

Used in Industrial, Defence and Transport Embedded Computing applications.

The Acromag AVME967xA are nonintelligent VME64 Carriers with optional Geographical Addressing capabilities.

Models AVME9670A and AVME9675A hold two or four IP modules respectively. Both are full height (6U) IP carrier cards that use VME64 compliant connectors to increase the quantity of rear I/O connections beyond that of a standard VME.

Firstly, when they are used with a VME64 backplane, they bring all 200 I/O points out the rear P0 and P2 connectors. Therefore, eliminating messy cables hanging from the front of the cage. Plus, the added advantage to insert and replace boards into the system. Another great feature is the full data access to the IP module’s I/O, ID and memory spaces allowing easy configuration and control from the VMEbus. Two interrupt requests are supported for each IP module that is software programmable.

Features of the VME64 Carriers with optional Geographical Addressing AVME967xA include:

  • Four industry-standard IP module slots (two IP slots on AVME967xA-2E models)
  • 200 I/O points with rear access
  • VME64x high-density rear connectors
  • Full geographical addressing (AVME9675A only)
  • Two interrupts per IP module
  • Individually filtered and fused power to each IP
  • Front panel status LEDs


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