Voltage IEPE Amplifier I/O Modules 6729

The 6729 is an input module with 8 channels that operates with 6700U High Speed Data Acquisition and Control System Enclosure.  The sample rate is programmable up to 200 kS/s with a 16-bit resolution. Each channel provides excitation to a range of transducers, amplifiers, low pass filters and A/D converters.  Along with a buffered analog output.

It makes up the system used for Rocket Engine, Jet Turbine Engine, Wind Tunnel, Structural and Transient Testing environments, that demand the highest performing system on the market.

The Model 6729 is a Voltage IEPE Amplifier Filter Digitiser I/O Module. Firstly, it contains eight channels.  Each provides excitation for IEPE transducers, programmable AC or DC coupled differential instrumentation amplifier.  As well as low pass filters and analog to digital converters.  In addition, each channel has a buffered analog output.  Therefore, making it selectable for a wideband or filtered response.

Amplifier / Digitiser per channel Architecture

Secondly bus using the amplifier / digitiser per channel architecture, the 6729 provides a high bandwidth and digitising speed with excellent channel-to-channel time correlation.  Due to its high accuracy, it removes crosstalk between channels.    It also can be used to condition or digitise signals from piezoelectric transducers with built in or in-line charge amplifiers and other AC or DC voltage measurements.  Input attenuation and current inputs including 4-20mA current loops are available.

Powering IEPE transducers

An adjustable 2-20mA current source with 24 Volt compliance is provided for powering IEPE transducers.  In addition, gain is programmable from 1 to 5000 providing ± 2mV to ±10 Volts full scale input sensitivity.  Zero and gain calibrations are automatic.

Low Pass Filter for Data Sampling and Plug-in Resistor Module for wanted frequency

Finally, the bandwidth is DC, 1 Hz when AC coupled to 100 kHz.  The low pass filter may be employed to minimise alias errors for data sampling.  A plug-in resistor module establishes the wanted frequency.  Filter frequency may be specified at the time of ordering.  Frequency modules available from 250 Hz to 50 kHz.


Key Features of the Voltage IEPE Amplifier I/O Modules 6729 include


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6729_8-Channel Voltage IEPE Amplifier-Filter-Digitizer