Data Acquisition and Control Enclosure 6700U

A high-performance data acquisition enclosure ideal for large channel counts that includes a USB 3.0 interface and provides up to 16 MS/s aggregate data rate.  In addition, the enclosure can hold up to 16 I/O Modules and features a 24-bit integrated A/D card.  It is the next step up from the popular 6000 series product.

Making it perfect for Rocket Engine, Jet Turbine Engine, Wind Tunnel, Structural and Transient Testing environments, that demand the highest performing system on the market.

The 6700U is a Data Acquisition and Control Enclosure with 16 slots for series 6700 input and output modules.  In addition, it contains a USB 3.0 computer interface for programming, control, and data output.

Up to 64 Enclosures may be combined

If you need a larger system? No worries.  Up to 64 enclosures are combineable.  This is achieved by using USB 3.0 hubs or a computer with multiple USB 3.0 ports.  The maximum length of the interface cable is 3 Metres.  However, it can be extended further using Ethernet with the control and data processor option or a USB to Fibre/Ethernet Extender.  A sample clock bus is provided for multi rack installations.

8U 19-Inch Rackmount

Firstly, the enclosures are an 8U 19-Inch rackmount.  In addition, they incorporate fans for providing air circulation.  As well as containing an internal cable tray that routes the cable from the front of the installed modules to the back of the enclosure.  If you liked the 6000U enclosure, then you will love 6700U.  It is a lighter weight, rugged, enhanced version – still providing the same superior reliability and performance including state of the art power supplies.

Data Recording Redundancy

Data recording redundancy is an option.  It operates as a 2.5” HD (Model 6695) that mounts on a USB controller board in each 6700U enclosure.  It provides a redundant recording point for the DAS in the unlikely event of workstation or DAS Software failure.  Therefore, data will record in each enclosure and can be recovered from the system post-test.

Control and Data Processor

Secondly, the Control and Data Processor (CDP) interfaces multiple 6700U enclosures to gigabit Ethernet.  Therefore, providing remote and/or distributed operation and an ethernet interface to the operator’s workstation.   The CDP includes a high-speed processor and software.  It performs low level operations which free up resources on the operator’s workstation computer for data display, storage, distribution, and reduction.

Operators Workstation

The Operators Workstation (PCCOWU-DHD) is the primary control and data recording point for the 6700 DAS.  Normally installed in the control room and runs the PI660 Data Acquisition Software.  This allows for system set up, calibration, display, recording, distribution, and export.  However, in installations where the DAS is not remote from the operator’s workstation, the PCCOWU-DHD will connect directly to series 6700 enclosures and doesn’t require the CDP.


Features of Data Acquisition and Control Enclosure 6700U include:

  • Enclosure for 16 I/O Modules
  • USB 3.0 Interface provides up to 16 MS/s aggregate data rate
  • Calibration Voltage distribution
  • Alarm buses for control external equipment
  • Optional remote operation using Gigabit Ethernet
  • Optional On-board storage
  • For Higher performance, reliability, ruggedness and lower weight applications
  • For Software Control view PI660


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6700U_Enclosure 16-slot USB Data & Control Interface